Jordan Brown '15

"I want to use my language skills to help people in need across the world."
-Jordan Brown '15
How did AIS prepare you for life after graduation?

The IB curriculum teaches you to adapt to challenges and handle them emotionally and technically. AIS also taught me how to interact with different people with a myriad of different experiences from all over the world.

Why did you choose to attend Princeton and study economics?

I chose to attend and pursue economics at Princeton because my economics course junior year at AIS with Mr. Padula influenced me, as we studied and analyzed problems and their impact across markets.

What do you hope to achieve after graduating from Princeton?

I am thinking about going into business or law school after undergrad. I want to use my language skills to help people in need across the world.

How many languages are you proficient in and what inspired you to learn so many?

In 9th grade, I really got inspired. I was motivated by my Italian best friend to learn about his culture and language so I ended up teaching myself Italian. After being able to learn and speak three languages (French, Spanish, Italian) I decided to teach myself German for my 10th Grade Personal Project.

How are you continuing your language learning at Princeton?

I am in a Princeton University program that translates documents from one language to another. I use this to keep up with my French and Spanish.

Right now you are learning Portuguese in college, what is the next language you want to learn?

I probably want to learn Mandarin, but I want to keep working on Russian as well.

*Editor’s Note:

After graduating from Princeton University, Jordan plans to attend business or law school.


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