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The Eagles Fund

AIS is a special place, founded on the power of language, inclusivity, critical thinking, and the real-world application of learning. AIS is guided by its mission to build the next generation of courageous leaders who shape their world for the better.

Like many independent schools and universities in the United States, AIS is a nonprofit organization that relies on philanthropic gifts to fuel the daily experience of all students. The Eagles Fund is central to the school’s ability to offer this unique educational experience to every student.

Gifts to the Eagles Fund help students THRIVE, INNOVATE, and BELONG.


Currently, philanthropic support funds 10% of all student experiences that make AIS exceptional. One out of every ten staff who make the AIS classroom and extracurricular experiences unique is funded through donations. Without this, AIS could not be such a special place.


Eagles Fund donors ensure innovation flows through every aspect of the AIS IB continuum, whether through infrastructure, equipment, or 21st-century learning experiences.


The Eagles Fund empowers students to flourish in a more intentionally inclusive and intercultural school community - inside and outside of AIS. Around 15% of AIS students rely on need-based financial aid. Donations have allowed AIS to keep its school community together during challenging times.

Help every Eagle soar by making a donation and finding out more about matching gifts.