In addition to promoting the importance of the individual subjects in STEAM, at AIS we design learning experiences for our students that allow them to explore human issues. 

An exploration of important issues and taking action to address them inherently require students to apply and synthesize what they have learned in different STEAM disciplines and other subjects. 

In our Primary School, STEAM is transdisciplinary-- our young students inquire and investigate important STEAM concepts without the boundaries of the different disciplines in their classes. 

In Secondary School, STEAM is interdisciplinary--our students integrate and synthesize knowledge and skills from two or more subjects to develop solutions, create products, or explain phenomena in ways that would have been unlikely with one discipline.  Our students engage in relevant and rigorous learning experiences. At AIS, STEAM learning is relevant because it allows students to make connections with what they are learning in school and beyond their academic environment as well as answer the question, ‘Why are we learning this?’  It is also rigorous because STEAM learning requires students to apply and synthesize learning.

In order to effectively offer our STEAM curriculum in our physical environment,  we have our Adair Art Science and Design (ASD) Center, which brings the creative intelligences of the visual arts and digital design together with the disciplines of the sciences, design technology and engineering in spaces that allow for students to design, create, engineer, build and present their solutions to real-world problems individually and in collaborative teams.

Our Primary School Makerspace engages our young students in design thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving as they tinker with many materials in the physical, artistic and digital realms. 

STEAM at AIS goes beyond the normal classrooms.  We provide opportunities for our students to find and pursue their passions through our co-curricular programs, internships, and Lunch and Learn. Our STEAM endorsement program helps prepare our students to pursue STEAM-related careers after graduation.

Primary Co-Curricular Programs

In order to further develop our students’ STEAM learning experiences in the classroom, we offer after-school STEAM enrichment activities. Our STEAM faculty and staff coach these programs and prepare students to participate in various competitions. Examples of these initiatives are below. 

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  • Coding Club

    Students will learn Coding through Micro:Bit a pocket-sized computer that you can customize and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. It’s a small, code-able device that is a non-intimidating introduction to programming and making – switch on, program it to do something fun – wear it, customize it, develop new ideas.
    This will require a laptop and access to the internet. The registration fee includes a Micro:Bit Go Bundle kit for each student. 
  • First LEGO League Jr.

    Tomorrow’s innovators practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. Guided by two or more adult Coaches, FIRST LEGO League research a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and are challenged to develop a solution. They also must design, build, and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then compete on a table-top playing field.
  • Math Club

    A math enrichment club for motivated 2nd and 3rd graders. Join us for puzzles, contests, and hands-on exploration of extension math topics.
  • Science Olympiad

    Although the Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) competition has been cancelled this year, we can still provide students with engaging learning opportunities in STEM.   We will learn about plants, animals, rocks, engineering designs for bridges, and estimating which are knowledge and skills that will be used in school and in life. 
  • STEAM Club

    Students will collaborate with Secondary students as mentors to learn about design thinking. We will ideate & brainstorm. We will build solutions and prototypes and share feedback. We will also engage in fun and STEAMy experiments.

Secondary Co-Curricular Programs

Our Secondary School students participate in student-led, faculty mentored STEAM co-curricular programs and are often part of regional, state and national competitions.  Programs start after Fall Break, sign ups run until the start of September and are managed in school between students,
Dr. Peluchi Flores and the AIS STEAM team.


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  • First Lego League Robotics

    • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
    • Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology
    • Apply real-world math and science concepts
    • Learn critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills
  • Girls in STEM

    Student-led mentoring group that encourages girls to study STEM subjects in high school and college and to pursue STEM careers.
    • Women guest speakers who work in STEM fields, thus providing them with female STEM role models.
    • Volunteer opportunities to work with younger students at AIS in STEM activities 
    • Participate in extra-curricular STEM related activities and take leadership positions if desired
  • IHOT Robotics

    FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school robotics competition.  Each year, teams of high school students, coaches and mentors work to create a robot to play the year’s game. Students spend six weeks designing, building, and programming the robot after the game is released, and then attend various competitions with their robot.
  • InVenture Prize

    Students use the Engineering Design cycle to create solutions to real-world problems.  Top teams from each school earn a spot in the K-12 InVenture Prize State Finals hosted at Georgia Tech. InVenture challenges students to identify real-world problems and design novel solutions through careful analysis, creativity, and the scientific method.  The hope is to broaden participation in STEM by bringing authentic invention and entrepreneurship experiences to K-12 teachers and students.
  • Middle School Coding Club

    This group of students prepares for several coding competitions. Students meet once a week on to practice their coding skills through problem-solving activities.
  • Middle School Math Competition Club

    This group of math students prepares for several math competitions culminating in MathCounts 2021.  Students meet once a week on to practice their math skills through problem-solving activities.
  • Science Olympiad

    Preparation for 23 competitions: from design and prototyping, to technical writing, to chemistry lab skills. A team of 15 students pairs up to tackle the 23 events/challenges, which encourage collaboration, teamwork, and application of STEAM skills
  • Upper School Investment Club

    Our AIS Investment Club is an opportunity for students to learn about personal finance, a long term perspective on investing, basic and complex economic principles, and to compete in The Stock Market Game (SIFMA,
  • Upper School Math Club

    The US Math Club is a student-led group for math enthusiasts.  Students prepare for various math competitions, play math games, as well as to conduct math tutoring services to younger students.


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Marsha Maxwell

    Marsha Maxwell 

    Head of Technology and Innovation
  • Photo of Peluchi Flores

    Peluchi Flores 

    Director of STEAM and Interdisciplinary Learning 3K- Grade 12
  • Photo of Jane Simpkins

    Jane Simpkins 

    Primary School STEAM Coach

Lunch & Learn

Our STEAM Lunch and Learn program is designed to give students the chance to learn about various STEAM fields and careers and gain insight into potential future career options.  This is an informal talk over lunch where our students can learn from guest speakers about what they do day-to-day and a little about their educational and career paths. Students learn about our speaker’s day to day work in their field, their interests, current projects, and journey to their careers.  We welcome about ten guest speakers throughout the school year, who talk at our Middle School and Upper School sessions.

Diploma Endorsement

All AIS students in grades 9 through 12 are encouraged to work towards a STEM or STEAM diploma endorsement. STEM and STEAM professionals drive innovation worldwide, and AIS strives to graduate students interested in and prepared for college and careers in STEM and STEAM-related fields. By completing a rigorous and well-rounded IB education plus additional STEM or STEAM curricular and co-curricular requirements, as well as a two-week internship in a STEM field of interest, our students will be uniquely placed to meet the challenges and opportunities of our interdependent, fast-changing world.   

Internships for Students in Grades 10 & 11

The AIS Summer Internship Program provides rising Grade 11 and 12 students with a two-week unpaid summer internship or job shadow at businesses and institutions in the US or abroad. Internships help our students integrate and bridge knowledge and skills learned at school to opportunities in the industry they are interested in pursuing as future careers or professions.  Moreover, internships provide a standout experience for our students who will soon apply to universities.

Most of our interns are also pursuing our rigorous STEM or STEAM graduation endorsement program, which requires applicants to experience an internship.  However, AIS encourages all students, not just those who are pursuing a STEM or STEAM graduation endorsement to seek internship experience. About 35% of our class of 2019 graduates received a STEM or STEAM graduation endorsement.

Da Vinci Fellowship

Our Goizueta Da Vinci Fellowship allows AIS to invite distinguished STEAM practitioners to AIS to develop cross-curricular workshops and learning experiences that combine excellence in science and engineering with diverse perspectives in design and the arts.  In November 2019, Corinne Takara, one of AIS’ Da Vinci Fellows, conducted workshops from preschool to upper school focused on integrating sustainability into the curriculum. Takara also offered training for faculty and engaging and creative workshops open to parents.


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