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  • Gurudarshan Khalsa '99

    "I use intuition as the basis for inspiration when I’m photographing the world around me."

    - Gurudarshan Khalsa '99
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  • Jordan Brown '15

    "I want to use my language skills to help people in need across the world."
    -Jordan Brown '15
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  • Graham Belton '06

    "AIS was such a large part of the person I have become and the way in which I search for career opportunities in my field."
    - Graham Belton '06
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  • Katie Deedy '00

    "It boggles my mind that long after I'm gone, the patterns I thought up in my head will be archived for people to see. It's a strange feeling."

    - Katie Deedy '00
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  • Sam Henderson ’95

    "I saw that the difference between people was one mostly of language and tradition, but that one of the core values, the basic human need to explore and share our discoveries, is universal."
    - Sam Henderson '95
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  • Sofia Eidizadeh ’19

    "I am certain that by volunteering for CAS Aprendiendo Inglés Sólido, my own life has been enriched tremendously in so many ways."
    - Sofia Eidizadeh '19
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  • Jasper Reschauer '18

    "These children are just like the ones who surround me at AIS; they are young bright students, athletes, and artists, who need only support to flourish."
    -Jasper Reschauer '18
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  • Samantha Grayman '11

    "I used to fear failure. I used to mourn it. However, after seeing how much I’ve developed singularly because of these challenges, I now welcome it."
    - Samantha Grayman '11
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  • Saurav Bhandary '12

    "If everyone was given the opportunity to experience another culture like this, think how tolerant and empathetic our world could be."

    -Saurav Bhandary '12
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