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Atlanta International School side view of building.

Atlanta International School's 13.5 acre campus is situated in the Garden Hills neighborhood, in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district. The main Secondary School building was designed by classical architect Philip Schutze and is a historic landmark.

Voted the most beautiful private high school in Georgia by Architectural Digest magazine.

Originally the site of North Fulton High School, the building was formally re-dedicated as Atlanta International School on April 27, 1996. Since then there have been major renovations and additions to the campus, including a dedicated Arts, Science and Design building, a new Primary School Center and a new Early Learning Center.

Front view of Atlanta International School building.
The view of a door at the Atlanta International School building.
In the classroom, there are thick tables and a digital board at the front. Pully power cables hang from the ceiling.
An entrance with glass walls and a nearby walkway outside leading to the flag display area.
Outside, there is a dark blue painted wooden bench near a garden with stacked pots and trees.
Outside of the school building, there is a large and impressive structure.
In a large room, there are coaches, tables, and two large wooden doors with glass panels at the front.
Front view of a door with glass near a pillar labeled %22Track and Field Carpark DEF%22 with a left-pointing arrow.
Outside, there is a cow sculpture adorned with various designs and handprints. It is located near outdoor tables.
A bird's-eye view of the Atlanta International School building.
An outdoor area for students featuring outdoor basketball hoops and a pillar displaying various directions.
A view of the corner side of the Atlanta International School building.
Outdoor view of Atlanta International School building with a large grass area, prominent structure, small garden, and trees.
A blue pathway leading towards glass doors and glass walls.
A view of the doors and stairs leading to the Sports & Activities Center, accompanied by an eagle statue.
A basketball hoop hangs on the PUTNAM COUNTY banner, while a spotlight illuminates the stage setup on the floor.
Outdoor view with trees and a brick path walkway, featuring the building of Atlanta International School displaying its name.
Outside, there is a view of a slide and various outdoor activities.
An outdoor view showcasing an activity for climbing.
A side view of the outdoor basketball court, featuring multiple hoops.
A bird's-eye view of the Atlanta International School building and the track, with the words %22HOME OF THE EAGLES%22 displayed.

Facilities Rentals

Atlanta International School's historic campus, located in the heart of Buckhead, has a limited number of facilities available for use by organizations whose missions and purposes are aligned with our own.

Our facilities have been used in such films as The Hate You Give, The First Lady, Antman and the Wasp, Endless Love, and many others.

Inquiries may be made to 
FacilityRental@aischool.org no sooner than three months prior to the event date and no later than four weeks prior to the event date in order to ensure facility availability for school-related events.*