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Our School

Girls and boys stand in a line outside, while older students pass through the walkway and receive high-fives.

A unique education, of language and culture

Many of the families that attend Atlanta International School (AIS) are from countries all over the world, while around half are local to the Atlanta area. They all have one thing in common, the aspiration to develop young people who will become courageous leaders, ready to shape their worlds for the better.

Our community represents 90 nationalities, speaking over 60 languages. This wonderful intercultural and inclusive environment gives AIS a special kind of energy. It is a place where all students and their families can thrive, innovate and belong.

Every student learns at least one language in addition to their own, through an immersion program in our Primary Learning Center and a wide choice of classes in the Secondary School.

And all students study the prestigious and internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum - from 3K to Grade 12. 

We believe the interdisciplinary approach of the IB, combined with language acquisition, is the best preparation for our young people - for the increasingly complex and interconnected world, providing them with new ways of thinking and collaborating. 

AIS students learn to understand, not just to remember.

The mission of AIS goes far beyond just preparing for good colleges and prosperous careers. We seek to develop globally-minded, critical-thinking innovators, who are ready and wanting to have a positive impact on our world. 

The education, friendships and connections that students make, in the unique AIS setting, give them the very best foundation for life.

Three boys stand side by side, smiling behind a blue wall adorned with the school's logo.
An older picture showcases the first graduating class of ten seniors who graduated in 1992.

The AIS Story

Atlanta International School was founded in 1984 and its first students started in 1985. Its first location was in a wooden building by Sardis United Methodist Church in Atlanta. The first class of just 10 Seniors graduated in 1992. There are now over 1300 students in the school.

AIS was established by those who wanted to see a different sort of education in Atlanta - where difference and inclusion would be centered, where the International Baccalaureate would be universal and language learning at the heart of the mission.

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"When we arrived in Atlanta in 1982 there was no international school. So we began to find like-minded people to join us in creating one."Roy Plaut, AIS Board Of Trustees Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder

Atlanta International School building.

Our Campus

Atlanta International School's 13.5 acre campus is situated in the Garden Hills neighborhood, in the heart of Atlanta's Buckhead district. The main, secondary school building was designed by classical architect Philip Schutze and is a historic landmark, voted the most beautiful private high school in Georgia by Architectural Digest magazine. Originally the site of North Fulton High School, the building was formally re-dedicated as Atlanta International School on April 27, 1996.


Flags from different countries are arranged in a row.