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AISx is an innovative program, launched in 2023, designed to provide flexible, hybrid academic programs for students who are pursuing sporting, other specialist professional routes or those who want to explore a flexible academic schedule. 

The AISx core mission is to develop courageous leaders who help shape their world for the better, with a joy of learning and purposeful effort.

This bespoke educational program ensures students are able to pursue their passions in sports, arts or other fields, without compromising on high-quality academic rigor or holistic support, provided by an AIS education.

AISx is available to students in Upper School (High School, grades 9 - 12).

Classes are taught either in person, online through remote instruction, or asynchronously, based on students' individual needs. From August 2024, in-person classes are taught primarily at the AIS Sandy Springs school campus, with some classes hosted at the AIS campus in Buckhead.

If you are interested in your student being part of AISx, represent a youth program or group of students who may like to explore the possibilities of AISx, please contact either our Director Adam Lapish or Enrollment Coordinator, Elisabeth Guibert.

Our educational pathway program team will then assess the needs of each student and if eligible, look to develop a schedule and curriculum that meets their individual goals, whether that's College Preparatory, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses.

Atlanta United Football Club Development Academy

AISx launched its first partnership with Atlanta United Football Club (ATLUTD) Development Academy in summer 2023. Athletes from the ATLUTD Development Academy are now AISx students, receiving instruction from AIS teachers on site at their ATLUTD training ground, or through virtual online learning platforms.

The program was specially developed to meet the needs of these young athletes so they can thrive both on and off the field. The flexible curriculum and academic scheduling allows for games, practices and other sporting commitments while ensuring the players are not missing out on their academic development. 


To learn more about AISx and to see if this might be right for your student, please contact the Atlanta International School and AISx Pathways Director, Adam Lapish or Enrollment Coordinator, Elisabeth Guibert.

Tuition for AISx programs varies depending on each student's schedule, the courses they pursue and method of instruction.