Think Forward Capital Campaign

In 2014 and 2015 AIS developed its Think Forward Vision to answer the critical question of what key values and skills our students would need to maximize their own potential and thus shape their rapidly changing world for the better.  This vision emerged from a dynamic process, led by our Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team. We engaged with outside experts and research in addition to tapping the wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences from across members of our own community.

Thinking Forward, we believe the programs, spaces, community and experiences at AIS must continue to evolve and grow to ensure we engender the following habits of mind in each and every one of our students:

• Global Mindset
• Adaptability
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• Collaborative Creativity
• Resilience & Perseverance

The spaces within which we do this truly do have the capacity to transform the educational experience and outcomes for each student.  The Think Forward Capital Campaign is a multi-year phased campaign designed to provide the facilities and infrastructure for this transformative experience for our students.
Thanks to the incredible support of many key leaders across our school community, across our City, and the generosity of our Board of Trustees we have realized incredible progress to date.  Three out of the four major construction projects are now complete, new programs have been successfully launched, our school and our students are thriving! We continue to push onward towards construction on our final phase; a laboratory for creative collaboration—a performance-based, experiential and technology rich innovation hub we are calling “The CoLab.”


Physical Education, Sports & Play Expansion  COMPLETED
  • International regulation soccer pitch
  • Eight Lane state of the art Track and field
  • Primary school playground
  • Increase of Exterior Space for:
- Athletics by 26%
- Play by 128%
- Collaboration by 74%

Parking & Access
  • On-campus carpool and additional parking to improve campus access and reduce the impact on our neighborhood.
Primary Learning Center COMPLETED
  • Dedicated Primary Learning Center for 5K-Grade 5 Community
  • Dedicated cafeteria and multi-purpose space
  • Expanded Language Program to include Chinese
  • Heritage Language Program as well as additional Language support in French, German and Spanish

The CoLab
 (Project On Hold)
  • CoLab Studio with Flexible Collaboration/Innovation Space
  • Band, Chorus, Orchestra with Performance Space and Recording Studio as well as Flexible Meeting Spaces
  • Digital Library Learning and Research Commons, with dedicated spaces for group collaboration, individual mindfulness, and outdoor terrace

CoLab: The Next Step In Education

Educate to Innovate

AIS CoLab Experience

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