Why the AIS Parent Organization is Unique

The AIS Parent Organization (PO) lies at the heart of our vibrant, international community. The extensive range of committees, groups and cultural clubs ensure that all our families can find an area of interest and a sense of belonging. 
Throughout the year the PO promotes the school through a series of activities ranging from flagship events open to the wider public to smaller projects, programs and activities aimed at specific audiences. 

Every family is automatically given membership of the PO when they join the school, all are welcomed via our Ambassador Program and encouraged to participate if they can. Together the PO body enhances communication, builds a strong sense of community and supports the school in so many ways offering resources, emotional and cultural support.  

How to get Involved

All our culture clubs, committees and groups are open to all AIS families - language is not a requirement, we want everyone to be involved! View below what is on offer - and don't forget to follow us on Instagram at @aisparentorganization .

Culture Clubs

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  • Amigos Hispanic Culture Club

    Amigos' mission is to enhance and celebrate our Hispanic and Latinx cultural diversity by promoting educational, social, and cultural events. Membership and attendance are open to the entire AIS community. You do not have to speak Spanish to participate - all are welcome!
    Amigos is full of exciting activities and opportunities all year long such as a children's fair (La Feria), lunch outings, cultural outings, student activities, cooking classes, book club, book fair, parent parties (Noche Latina), and more! Join in order to receive more information and invitations! 
    For more information contact: aisamigos@gmail.com
  • Asian Culture Club (ACC)

    Asian Culture Club's (ACC) mission is to enhance and celebrate our Asian cultural diversity by promoting educational, social and cultural events.

    From the Dragon Boat Festival in May through to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year celebrations, Vaisakhi and Diwali, the ACC hosts numerous colorful events throughout the year. These are punctuated by activities ranging from yoga to cookery and Tai-Chi classes. 

    For more information contact: AISacc2006@gmail.com
  • Deutsch Connection German Culture Club

    The Deutsch Connection Culture Club supports the German language program at AIS. Furthermore, we support and organize social events at AIS in order to promote German culture and language as well as to support cultural exchanges with other communities at AIS.

    Throughout the year the Deutsch connection hosts numerous events from coffee mornings and cookery classes to the Art Posse and, most recently, live guided tours through German cities. The highlight has to be the annual Weihnachtsmarkt with live festive music, arts and crafts, homemade gluhwein and delicious holiday fare. 
  • Ensemble French Culture Club

    Ensemble is a multicultural parent association representing all French speaking cultures of AIS. All parents are invited to join, native and non-native speakers from all school levels.  Ensemble organizes events for both children and parents.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a fluent French speaker or a complete beginner, all Francophiles will enjoy the numerous events hosted by Ensemble aimed at promoting the French Culture within the AIS community. From welcoming new families to supporting long established French traditions at AIS, Ensemble events focus on services, activities, and cultural events for children and their parents

    For more information contact: ensemble.ais@gmail.com
  • Harambee Culture Club for the Black and/or African-American, African or Caribbean Population At AIS

    Harambee assists AIS in fulfilling its mission by increasing awareness and sensitivity among the AIS community to the unique perspectives, experiences and issues of those who view themselves as members of the Black and/or, African-American, African or Caribbean population. Harambee extends this conceptualization to include those who do not identify as such, yet offer their support. We are committed to the fundamental AIS values of respect, diversity, effort and joy of learning.

    Harambee hosts numerous activities throughout the school year. The much anticipated signature event takes place in February and can be guaranteed to add color, life and fun to even the dullest winter day.
    For more information contact: ais.harambee@gmail.com


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  • Ambassador Committee

    The mission of the PO Ambassador Committee is to help welcome our newest families and to support the Admission Office by providing a warm environment in which to welcome new and prospective parents. The Ambassador Committee also created and annually updates the Atlanta Survival Guide.

    For more information contact: POfamilyambassadors@gmail.com
  • Arts Boosters

    Arts Boosters is a parent volunteer organization designed to support students whose interest include all areas of artistic expression, music (band, orchestra, chorus), visual arts, creative arts, and theatre.  Our mission is to build a strong passionate community that fosters our Arts programs and provides support for the students, staff, and teachers.

    For more information contact: artsboosters.ais@gmail.co
  • Learning Differentiation

    The Learning Differentiation group is a forum where parents share resources and strategies to support their student(s), regardless of their learning style, through monthly parent-to-parent meetings as well as speaker events on learning differentiation topics, which may benefit all students. Think study skills, listening and writing skills, assistive technology, giftedness and more. 
    For more information contact: learningdifferentiation.ais@gmail.com
  • Parent Programs

    Parent Programs build community among the parents' of AIS students through social and informative events be they cultural, historic, artistic, or just plain fun to do! The AIS Parent Book Club is one such group that currently meets monthly. The Parent Program committee also collaborates with AIS parents, guardians, school reps, and the school counselors, to identify and organize information that assists parents with supporting their children
    Within Parent Programs we offer opportunities to come together and explore common interests; knitting, quilting, painting, writing, or whatever hobby or interest you may wish to share together within a smaller group.  

    For more information contact: aisparentprograms@gmail.com
  • PS STEAM Team

    The mission of the AIS STEAM Team at the Primary School level is to leverage parental resources to support AIS administrators, faculty, students and parents in their efforts to achieve STEAM excellence within the context of AIS’ goals to produce well-rounded IB learners.
  • Sports Boosters

    AIS has a vibrant sports program supported by our Sports Boosters, a group of enthusiastic parent volunteers who manage a variety of activities throughout the school year to enhance the athletics program at AIS. Primary goals are to:
    • Encourage participation and build community involvement in sports
    • Provide support to our Athletics Department, our athletes and families at sporting events
    • Provide financial support to our Athletics Department, athletes and coaches through our concessions operations, ticket and spirit wear sales
  • SS STEAM Team

    The mission of the AIS STEAM Team at the Secondary School level is to leverage parental resources to support AIS administrators, faculty, students and parents in their efforts to achieve STEAM excellence within the context of AIS’ goals to produce well-rounded IB learners.
  • Teacher Appreciation Committee

    The Teacher Appreciation Committee is dedicated to showing our hard-working faculty and staff how much we care about them and value all that they do for our students! This takes the form of regular catered lunches, raffle prizes and surprises all of which give a welcome boost to all those who work at AIS. 

    For more information contact: ais.teacherappreciation@gmail.com
  • Worldfest

    Worldfest is the celebration of the cultural diversity of AIS. It is held the last Sunday of October on AIS school campus. The school is transformed, taking you on a journey around the world. A color palette made up of food, traditions and live performances from different countries that represent the AIS Community. Worldfest is one of the signature events of the Parent Organization. It is led and funded by parents volunteers and supported by AIS staff.

    For more information contact: Worldfest.AIS@gmail.com
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