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Primary School Sports

The AIS Jr. Eagles Athletic Program supports all of our primary school students’ health and fitness, but also helps to build community, and planting the seed of a lifelong passion for sport. Our sports offerings give our youngest learners an opportunity to build skills including teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

Each of our 3 seasons provide an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and skills with classmates! The programs are registration based and include all necessary uniforms, field space, and instruction.

In addition to our Athletics programs, students have regular Physical Educations classes as part of their IB curriculum.ELC students have P.E. from a specialist once every 2 weeks and gross motor skills are developed daily by the teachers in the outside classroom.

5K - Grade 5 take a P.E. class every other day.

(During P.E. classes, a uniform is not required but we have a wide variety of AIS sportswear available through our supplier, which students love to wear.)

*Offerings are subject to change each season.*