After School Music Program

As the TED Talk below indicates, playing an instrument has tangible cognitive benefits, including improved problem solving skills (in both academic and social settings) and executive functioning.

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

We’re pleased to offer at AIS, for the tenth consecutive year, our own independent music lessons program outside of the regular school day—one of the strongest such programs of all of the metropolitan Atlanta independent schools.

Instruction is available for all interested students (grade level and age appropriate) and is offered by qualified and experienced music instructors.

As we believe it takes a year to see all of the positive results of taking individualized private instruction, we urge all families to encourage their children to “stick with it” for at least a year. You will pay for Term 1 now and the second term as we near the conclusion of Term 1.

We strongly recommend that members of the large secondary school ensembles take private lesson instruction. We expect that students in Upper School Band and Orchestra, Middle School Band and Orchestra, and Primary School Strings take private lessons, as we find that students cannot maximize their learning of an instrument in merely a weekly or bi-weekly ensemble rehearsal.

All music instructional staff in the after school program are part-time employees of Atlanta International School and have undergone the same background check as faculty and staff at AIS.

For matters regarding financial arrangements, please contact the Business Office. For matters regarding scheduling and the timetable of lessons, please contact the instructor directly.  If your chosen instructor cannot answer your question, please contact the program administrator, Mr.Greg Hucks.

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  • How Do I Sign My Child Up for Lessons?

    1. Contact the appropriate instructor from the list below for lessons on site at AIS. Please do not register until you have confirmed with the instructor that a spot is available.
    2. Once you have confirmed your instructor, lesson day, time and length of lesson, log in to and click on the AfterSchool & Extracurricular (SchoolCare Works) tile to register.
    3. Click on "Registration" and select the appropriate AFTER SCHOOL MUSIC program
    4. Follow the prompts to select appropriate Instructor and lesson length (30, 45, or 60)
    5. Select "Enroll" when done.
    6. To register another child, press “Add More” and repeat the process.
    7. To complete the registration process select “Check Out.”
    8. Register and pay.
    9. Enjoy your lessons. 
  • Fee Structure

    2018 - 2019 Private Lessons Fee Structure

    Time per esson30 Minutes45 Minutes60 Minutes
    Fee per lesson$38.00$57.00$75.00

    Total fees per session
    Student Lesson for 14 lesson session$532.00$798.00$1,050.00
    Total Yearly$1,064.00$1,596.00$2,100.00
  • Applied Lessons Policy

    The Applied Lessons registration serves as a one-time registration for both semesters of the school year 2017 - 2018 with a second payment. You will arrange a weekly lesson time and length directly with an instructor. Students will be given 15 lessons per semester.

    Excused absences include illness, school holiday, or prior approval by instructor. In all cases, the instructor should be contacted directly.

    • If illness, a parent must notify the instructor directly the evening before an absence or by 7:00 a.m. the day of the lesson.
    • If the child goes home in the middle of the day due to illness, it is an excused absence if the Applied Lessons teacher is notified via phone or email at the earliest possible time on the day of the absence.
    • Required school activities are also excused if a parent notifies the Applied Lessons instructor at least 48 hours in advance of the required school activity.
    Unexcused absences are not eligible to be made up.

    Primary Students (Grades 5K - 5)

    If your child is in 5K - grade 5, the following protocol will be followed. Please read and follow through with the requested communications as outlined.
    1. Please notify your child’s instructor of the following:
      • Are the parents personally delivering and picking up their child to and from the lesson?
      • Is your child attending Kaleidoscope or another Enrichment or Athletics activity after school prior to coming to your lesson?
      • If yes. What activity?
    1. If your child is coming from Kaleidoscope, your child’s instructor will go to the front desk of the PLC (Primary Learning Center), located in the atrium of the new building, and ask the person at the front desk to call the student out of Kaleidoscope.
    1. If the child is going back to KAS, the instructor will walk the child back to the KAS office.
    1. If the child is coming from athletics, parents please contact DeeDee Dennis at to make arrangements to have the student brought to lessons immediately following athletics. Parents, please include your child’s instructor in the email conversation.
    1. If the student is coming from enrichment, parents please contact Silvy Rivera at srivera@aischool.orgto have the student brought to lessons immediately following the enrichment activity. Parents, please include your child’s instructor in the email conversation.
  • Schedule

    2018 - 2019 After School Lessons Schedule

    October 297March 25
    Session One
    14 lessons
    Week #Session Two
    14 Lessons
    September 101February 4
    September 172February 11
    September 243February 18
    October 84February 25
    October 155March 11
    October 226March 18
    October 297March 25
    November 58April 1
    November 129April 8
    November 2610April 15
    December 311April 22
    December 1012April 29
    January 713May 6
    January 1414May 13
    January 21Make UpMay 20
    January 28Make UpMay 27
  • Instructors

    2018 - 2019

    Alana Bennett
    Bonnie Cohan
    Clarinet, Saxophone & Flute
    Michael Opitz

    Clarinet & Saxophone 
    Miranda Dohrman

    Double Bass

    Robert Dickson

    Flute & Piano
    Matthieu Clave

    Flute & Oboe
    Steven Keith

    French Horn
    Eric Hawkins

    Marc Baldwin

    Low Brass
    Jason Casanova

    Victor Pons

    Elena Dorozkhina

    Maggie Sherwood

    Martial Toulouse


    Justin Powell

    Kevin Chaney

    Violin & Viola
    Grace Park

    Viola & Violin
    Katie Taylor
    Violin & Viola
    Totka Valkova
    Voice (Grades 9-12)
    Class Voice (Grades 6-8) 
    Nathan Medley

You must confirm your instructor, lesson day, time and length of lesson prior to registration.

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