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In AIS’ Design courses, which make up one of the eight core subject groups in the Middle Years Program (MYP), students engage in and apply their learning across subjects in real-life, project based learning. And, in the process, develop a rigorous and systematic way of thinking and problem solving

In MYP Design, students take one semester of physical product design and one semester of digital design each year. In both types of design they develop solutions to real-world challenges using the design cycle much as an engineer, architect or designer would in their work.

For each grade 6-10, teachers issue different design challenges and students practice and refine these skills:

  1. Inquire and Analyze:

    Students research and analyze the problem through performing extensive customer, competitor and market research (both primary and secondary).
  2. Develop Ideas:

    Using the information and data gathered in step one, students design potential solutions to the problem. They write and present detailed design specifications.
  3. Create the Solution:

    Students plan the creation of their chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototype sufficient for testing and evaluation. Students keep a log along the way of their manufacturing process.
  4. Test and Evaluate:

    Finally, students design and conduct tests to evaluate their product/digital solution, and objectively evaluate its success. They identify areas where the solution could be improved and, in so doing, learn to iterate and adapt.

Explore the gallery to see the caliber of designs our students are developing.

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