Tuition & Fees 2022 - 2023

Application Fee

There is a $100 non-refundable application fee per student.

Matriculation Fees

One-time fee charged to each new student enrolled. Siblings receive a discount as described below.

  • First Student $3,000
  • Second Student $2,000
  • Third and Subsequent Students $1,000


The tuition outlined below is for the academic year. Books and materials are supplied. Charges for extended field trips are billed as due.

Grade Level 3K-4 5-8 9-12
Total Tuition*** $26,725 $29,050 $30,510

***The school will offer a 2% discount for tuition payments made by cash, check or bank transfer. This discount applies to tuition balance only. This discount does not apply to advance tuition deposits, fees, insurance, meal plans, matriculation fees, or any other charges. The discount will be applied at the time of payment.

***The school will charge a 2% convenience fee for tuition payments made by credit card. This fee will not be charged to advance tuition deposits, insurance and matriculation fees due at enrollment. The fee will be charged at the time of payment.

List of 4 items.

  • Payment Plan Options

    A. One-Payment Plan 
    Grade Level3K-45-89-12
    Deposits & fees due with enrollment contract$2,000$2,000$2,000
    Balance due July 1, 2022$24,725$27,050$28,510

    B. Eight-Payment Plan 
    Includes $400 administrative fee

    Grade Level3K-45-89-12
    Deposits & fees due with enrollment contract$2,400$2,400$2,400
    Balance due monthly, July 1, 2022 – February 1, 2023 $3,090.63$3,381.25$3,563.75

    C. Ten-Payment Plan (Financial Aid Recipients)
    Includes $400 administrative fee

    Grade Level3K-45-89-12
    Deposits & fees due with enrollment contract$600$600$600
    Balance due monthly July 1, 2022 - April 1, 2023***
    varies based on award

    Tuition payments under Option A can be made by cash, wire transfer, personal check drawn on a U.S. Bank, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express.

    Tuition payments under Options B or C require authorization of direct electronic payment from any U.S. checking account or credit card. Option C is only available to recipients of Financial Aid.

    For financial aid recipients, net tuition due and installment amounts will be available with the award letter. Financial Aid Applicants not awarded an amount must select from payment plans A or B, and are responsible for the full balance of advance tuition and matriculation fees based upon the payment plan selected. 
  • Tuition Refund Insurance

    Tuition Refund Insurance (TRI) is available through a third-party provider. Details are available here in a separate brochure. TRI is optional for all payment plans, including financial aid recipients. Payment for the premium is due with the enrollment deposit and the administrative fee, where applicable.

    Grade Level3K-45-89-12
    Premium rate is 2.3% of total tuition$614.68$668.15$701.73
  • Meal Plan

    Annual meal plans are available for students. For additional flexibility, declining balance accounts are also available to students in grades 3 to 12.

    Meal plan fees will be billed in July. No payment for the meal plan is due at the time of enrollment.

    • Primary School $1,905
    • Secondary School $2,341
  • After School Programs

    Kaleidoscope Prices

    • Full-Time daily rate $20.00. 
    • Part-Time daily rate $25.00. 

    All payments are invoiced through the AIS Business Office at the end of each month. Parents can monitor their KAS charges through the School Care Works Parent Portal, linked here.

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