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Primary Years Program

Through the Primary Years Program (PYP), the curricular framework for all AIS Primary students from 3K - Grade 5, we develop critical thinkers starting at a very young age. Our students become globally-minded, able to think conceptually and to connect information to solve complex problems - and to do so collaboratively with those from different cultures and world views.

Structured around six transdisciplinary themes, PYP is an international, concept-driven program that fosters the development of the whole child, encompassing his or her academic, social, emotional and physical well-being.

The program ultimately aims to instill in students the elements - attitudes, concepts, knowledge, skills and action that create caring global citizens positioned for success in the Middle Years and Diploma Programs, as well as in college and their chosen professions.

Core Principles

The PYP curriculum is engaging, relevant, challenging and rigorous —  as well as being transdisciplinary — focusing on issues that cross subject areas, which are:

Art, Language
, Mathematics
, Music, Personal Social Education, Physical Education
, Science
 and Social Studies

Grade 5 Exhibition

The culminating experience of the Primary School is the Grade 5 Exhibition, during which students demonstrate what they’ve learned. For the Exhibition, students work collaboratively in groups to select, research, develop, present and take action on a real life issue of their choosing.