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Primary School (5K - Grade 5)

Developing Caring Global Citizens

In the Primary School, our teachers nurture a deep love of learning in their students, through the adventurous exploration of the world around them.

Our approach in the Primary School develops a student's curiosity, critical thinking, communications skills, confidence, empathy, inquiry, self-management and reflection.  Using the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) framework, the AIS curriculum, taught in one of the school's four focus languages, builds an unparalleled foundation for Middle School and beyond.

Our Approach

Lower Primary School (5K - Grade 2) and Upper Primary School students (Grades 3 - 5) are taught in two languages (English and either Chinese, French, German, or Spanish). AIS language teachers have either native or bilingual language proficiency.

For students studying German, French or Spanish, instruction is approximately 50% in English and 50% in the other language. For those taking Chinese, students spend 70% of instructional time in English and 30% in Chinese.

Through this approach, students not only learn to speak another language, but also how to adapt successfully, develop strong intercultural competence, and embrace perspectives other than their own.

Beyond the Classroom

Learning and exploring go far beyond the classroom at AIS, helping students to meaningfully connect what they’re learning in class to the outside world.

Every grade in the Primary School goes on field trips every year. Destinations include civil rights museums, local businesses, to learn what community support entails; or farms, to learn about sustainability.

Grade 5 students travel overseas at the end of the school year to a country connected to their language learning. During this chaperoned excursion, they experience everything they’ve learned about language and culture throughout their Primary School years.

Action Within Reach

Action takes many forms in the Primary School—and none is too small. Through encouraging and empowering our younger students to take action in ways that are accessible to them, we help them believe that from a young age, they have the responsibility and the ability to make a difference. Whether is is bringing a book to class, creating a poster or helping to keep the campus tidy, they're learning to shape their world for the better.