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Early Learning Center (3K & 4K)

Curiosity, Language and Play

In the Early Learning Center (ELC), 'welcome' is more than a word of greeting. It’s the feeling you and your child experience every time you enter this unique learning space and join our inclusive, multicultural and multilingual community of students, families and teachers.

In the ELC, language is a key component in understanding and navigating cultures. The younger a student is when they are introduced to a new language, the more capable they are of acquiring that skill - while reinforcing their own language.

Learning in the ELC

The ELC offers a full immersion preschool program for children ages 3-4.  All students are learning one of our four languages:  Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.
Using our play and inquiry-based International Baccalaureate Primary Years (PYP) curriculum, our teachers, all of whom have either native or bilingual proficiency in the languages they teach, are facilitators who collaborate with and empower students to question, problem solve, take action and reflect.

Laying the Foundation for Success at AIS and Beyond

When our children move on to 5K in the Lower Primary School, they are developing as lifelong learners and have the foundational skills and language competence they need to succeed in the next chapter of their learning journey.