Primary 5K-Grade 5

Fostering Caring Global Citizens

In the Primary School, our teachers nurture students’ love of learning through enthusiastically engaging them in adventurous exploration. By encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, inquiry and reflection, our teachers build on the attitudes and skills that students began developing in our Early Learning Center.

Our Approach

Both Lower Primary School students (5K-grade 2) and Upper Primary School students (grades 3-5) learn the curriculum in two languages (English and either French, German, Chinese or Spanish). Throughout the academic year in German, French or Spanish, they spend approximately 50 percent of their time in English and 50 percent of their time in the other language. In Chinese, they spend 70 percent of their instructional time in English and 30 percent in Chinese.

Through our program, students not only learn to speak an additional language, but they also learn how to successfully navigate change, develop the intercultural competence to easily flow between different cultures, and embrace perspectives other than their own.

Using the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) as the framework for our curriculum, our teachers create learning tasks where students actively explore concepts and connections through the lens of different subject areas. Students are encouraged to question, to reflect and to take action on their learning.

Through the PYP, students develop critical thinking and communication skills, confidence, self-management, social skills and other attitudes and skills needed to succeed as they move into the Middle School.

Beyond the Classroom

Learning and exploring go far beyond the classroom at AIS, and it’s through these activities that students connect what they’re learning in class to the real world.

Every grade level in the Primary School goes on at least two field trips a year. They may go to a museum to learn about civil rights; or visit a local business to learn firsthand what community and community support mean; or to a nearby farm to learn about sustainability.

Grade 5 students travel to a country of their language track at the end of the school year. During this chaperoned 10-day excursion, they experience firsthand everything they’ve learned about the country’s language and culture throughout their Primary School years.

They also develop a further appreciation of and empathy for cultures different from their own.


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    Maria Voutos 

    Head of Primary School
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    Christina Clark 

    Lower Primary School Principal
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    Alain Poiraud 

    Upper Primary School Principal
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Action Within Reach

Action takes many forms in the primary school—and no action is too small! Through encouraging and empowering our younger children to take action in ways that are accessible to them, searching for and bringing a book to class on a specific topic, creating a poster about saving the planet, or picking up loose trash, we help them believe that, from a young age, they have the responsibility and the ability to take action and make a difference in the world.

Units of Inquiry 3K - Grade 5

The following video and galleries depict the PYP's six transdisciplinary themes, or units of inquiry, in which students engage to make sense of the world around them.

Math instruction in the PYP years at AIS

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