ELC Faculty Bios

Geraldine Goguillon
ELC French Teacher
Geraldine earned her degrees, including her teaching diploma, in France. Geraldine has been teaching for 4 years and believes that a play-based approach to teaching young children instills a joy of learning.

Natacha Huet
ELC French Teacher

Natacha earned both her undergraduate and master’s degrees in teaching in France. She taught for 22 years in French primary schools before joining AIS last year. Natacha thinks that the most important skills to develop at this age are curiosity and the desire to learn. She creates activities in which her students are engaged, explore and experiment. By playing they can take action, collaborate and communicate. 

Aminata Sarr
ELC French Assistant

Aminata is originally from Senegal and earned her BA in Psychology in the United States. She has been teaching for three years and believes that the most important skills for young children to develop are communication and respect.

Mojgan Zarrabi
ELC French Assistant
Mojgan earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in France and is fluent in Farsi. She has been teaching for 12 years and appreciates how a play-based language immersion program supports each child’s development, emotionally and intellectually.

Jule Schmidt
ELC German Assistant 
Jules earned her teaching certificate in Germany where she worked as a kindergarten teacher and deputy principal. She has been teaching for 34 years, 5 of them at AIS.
Jules believes in an inquiry-based approach to learning and guides the children by asking open questions, encouraging them to explore and work together.

Martina Weissenburger
ELC German Teacher

Martina earned her degree in education in Munich, Germany. She has been teaching our youngest learners for six years and believes it is important to ask children a lot of open-ended questions, guiding their thinking while encouraging them to find their own solutions and to make connections to other subjects.

Weixi Wang
ELC Mandarin Teacher

Weixi has earned degrees in both China and the US. This is her fifth year of teaching preschool children. Weixi believes that the most important skill for children to develop at this age is their sense of inquiry. This helps them foster curiosity, develop critical thinking, build communication skills, increase learning responsibility and encourage independence.

Sara Bretch
ELC Spanish Teacher

Sara earned both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in the Dominican Republic. She has been teaching for 14 years. Sara believes in the importance of developing a social-emotional foundation in young children that strengthens their social skills and helps them become true inquirers.

Yellinee Echemendia
ELC Spanish Assistant

Yellinee earned her degree in Venezuela and has been teaching for 12 years. She believes that  social skills are essential for children to develop confidence, language, communication and empathy and uses role play and drama to help kids to express their feelings and emotions in a positive and  cooperative way.

Vicky Gomez
ELC Spanish Teacher

Vicky earned her degree in Colombia and has been teaching for 27 years, 21 of them at AIS. Vicky believes the PYP curriculum encourages curiosity, independence, and joy of learning through inquiry and play-based learning. This is the key to developing important social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Beth Mendez
ELC Spanish Assistant

Beth earned degrees in Venezuela and Cuba, and has been teaching for eight years. Beth creates activities that help her students develop their nurturing instincts and a culture of kindness, focusing on activities where they can work in partnerships, role-play and use story time for teachable moments.

Silvia Obispo
ELC Spanish Teacher
Silvia earned her degrees in Spain where she taught for 2 years in an IB school. She speaks French and taught in France before joining AIS seven years ago. Silvia believes it is very important that children develop their thinking skills and provides tools to help them think independently and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions in a space where their opinions are valued.

Maria Sarmiento
ELC Spanish Assistant

Maria earned her degree in Preschool Education in Venezuela. She has been teaching for 20 years. Maria appreciates how the ELC play-based curriculum helps children gain confidence as they socialize and interact with their peers in positive ways.

Kat Cagle 
ELC Counselor

Kat earned her Bachelor degree in Psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and her Masters in Education from the University of Georgia. Kat speaks English and continues to grow her language skills with help from her multilingual colleagues. This is her tenth year as a school counselor and her fourth year at AIS. Kat works hard to foster problem-solving, self-regulation skills, and empathy in young students as she feels this is critical for life long success. 

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