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Students are at a desk with other students and teachers nearby, helping them.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum for all students This challenging academic program develops internationally-minded, critical-thinking students who are able to take complex and disparate knowledge, concepts and skills and forge these into new and unique ways of solving problems.

Our mission is for our students to become courageous leaders with the skills to shape their world for the better

Our academic programs are enhanced by our world-class language immersion model. We strive to help each student reach their highest possible level of second language proficiency and to prepare them for our increasingly global, interconnected world.

As students engage in our rigorous academic programs, they do so in collaboration with students from diverse cultures and perspectives. They learn to form consensus and overcome disagreements. They learn to collaborate, to work in teams—skills that will serve them well at AIS, in college and in their chosen careers.

The IB curriculum is organized in three programs taught to students in our four school levels, see below for details.